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10 Deadliest Mistakes PUBG Players Should Avoid

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is the famous quote every PUBG player wishes to achieve. But winning yourself a match in PUBG might be a situational thing for many.
This is why here is the list of 10 things that one must avoid while playing PUBG.

1.Landing Location

You must choose wisely which area will be your best landing spot for loots. If you are a beginner then one must avoid hot spots where lots of players come down for loot. Avoiding early fights might save you from getting negative points which in turn affects your rankings in the game.

2. Avoid Taking Risk

You should never make looting your priority against surviving till the last. If you have got yourself good vests, helmet, gun, and scope, focus on winning the game. PUBG is a game of survival, one who survives till the last wins the match.

3.Craze Of Looting Supply Drops

Supply drops make the difference in the game. It gives you good armor and unique guns, which makes you star player of the game. In haste to loot supply drops, players forget that every other player could be eyeing for the prize. So, the best advice is one should wait and check the area. Smoke the supply drop so that nobody catches you off guard and get away as fast as possible.

4. Not Playing Enough Arcade Matches In PUBG

In order to hone your skills one must play Arcade and Arena matches. It not only develops your reflexes in the game but also helps you to try your new accessories and gadgets which you can use while playing PUBG. Playing Arcade matches are a sort of warmup for players before starting a real match.

5. Don’t Find Any Reason To Keep Smoke Grenade

Well, Smoke grenades are your best friend in PUBG, unless you think of otherwise. It helps to revive your teammates while knocked out and also helps you change your position once spotted by enemies. Smokes save you from getting cornered by enemies and help you get away from tough situations.

6. Not Changing Position Once Spotted

 It sure can get deadly once you get spotted and tend to remain in the same position. You need to change location after you have been spotted by your enemies or else you will become a sitting duck or an easy target.

7. Shooting Without Taking Cover

 Engaging fight with your enemies without proper coverage could be the noobest decision you will ever make. It sure can be deadly and you will be getting sent back to the lobby. So better take cover if you decide to take out your enemies.

8. Engaging Into Unnecessary Fights

If you don’t have clear shot at your enemy then shooting at them will probably be your biggest mistake. It will surely give away your position which can be deadly. Always find the right spot and time to pick a fight.

9. Always Keep An Eye On The Map

Maps play a very important role in PUBG. It gives away information like the red zone, blue circles, and footsteps of enemies near you. Also, they show the direction of firings coming from, so that you can get away from the area.

10. Not Listening To Sounds Properly

 Sound in the game plays a key role. If you underestimate it then it can turn out to be your dumbest mistake. Listening carefully and paying attention will help you in locating your enemies if they are moving very quietly.

These are just some ways of not making any mistakes in the game which will help you with your game. If you have just started playing the game, then you should check out more about our guides here.

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  1. Just what I needed…and I absolutely love throwing smoke grenades:D.
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  2. Nice article.

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