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Esports as a profession in India: The ultimate guide to esports

Gone are the times when the word sports only emphasise games like cricket, tennis, hockey, football etc.
This is the 21st century and the revolution of gaming has already begun and attaining heights with Esports as a preferred choice for most millennials and Gen-Z.

If we go by Wikipedia definition, Esports (also known as electronic sports, e-sports, or eSports) is a form of competition using video games. Esports often takes the form of organize, multiplayer video games competitions, particularly between professional players, individually or as teams.

The COVID-19 induced nationwide lockdown implanted a stunning boost to the esports fate in India. With the lack of outdoor activities and other means of engagement, gaming was the real opportunity contributing more stimulation and action when compared to binge-watching series.

The remarkable extension of this division has created new income streams and possibilities for brands, online businesses as well as gamers taking up gaming as a career.
The quandary with Esports in India is that it is slightly new and since very little supervision is available for people who are into it thereby people don’t know the accurate approach to kick starts their profession.

In this blog, we’ll explain to you everything that you require to understand to grow into a professional gamer. That way you can be certain that you don’t execute any blunders along the way, restricting yourself from getting to where you want to be.


Modern Esports players do make more than $2 million for accomplishing a worldwide competition, and numerous of them also earn constant payrolls while playing for corporate-sponsored teams.
But have to be decisive and prepared to sacrifice both time and cash, to reach your biggest goals.
Think you’ve got the talents to go pro? Don’t mind making the sacrifices? Now all you require is the procedure guide, that’s where we come in..

Action, Arcade, Racing, the list goes on.
Being an all-rounder is good, but for growth in Esports, you need to pick 1 or max 2 and specialize in it.
Our advice is to try a few out and stick with the one you truly love.
You’re going to be playing it a lot.

The duo is better than solo and the squad is better than a duo.
The subsequent step in your quest to become a professional gamer and vaulting towards esports fame is to join a team. 
Don’t hesitate to join a team and never censure healthy criticism, your teammates will ultimately help you progress, so a little bit of criticism is needed to harmonize.

Perceive your equipment as your teammate as you have to operate in accordance collectively for the best outcomes. 
Be it Laptop, PC or Smartphone opt for one that is imperative for you. If budget is an issue then arbitrate on other peculiarities.
For e.g. overlook the camera and concentrate on RAM and Processor in the smartphone.
If going for PC particularly invest in GPU preferably than Processor, an abundance of research before modelling fresh GIG will benefit you in long run.
There are a lot of options when it comes to peripherals — varying in size, form factor, and sensitivity — but it’s best to choose the one that works for you.

First, master the game’s mechanics. Concentrate on learning game-specific skills until they become ingrained in your muscle memory.
Whether that’s last-hitting in a MOBA, aiming with accuracy in an FPS, or maximizing actions-per-minute in an RTS, these skills never lose their importance. Pro players practice mechanics tirelessly to stay sharp and make minute improvements, but players who are just starting out should improve dramatically with practice.

If you want to become a pro, it takes a strong desire to win at every phase of the competition. This means topping the scoreboard in pick-up groups, climbing the ladder in matchmaking, and being the last team standing in tournaments.
Familiarize yourself with the hierarchy of the levels of competition, as each Esport has its own system in place for bringing new players into the fold.

Getting good at the game is only half the battle. The other half is making connections that will help you ascend the competitive ladder.
Once you’ve found your footing in more competitive lobbies, start networking. Leverage your position as a quality opponent to connect with better players.
Building relationships with better players can lead to bigger things, such as invites to private Discord channels, where you’ll have the chance to play in exclusive scrims and rub shoulders with elite players.

If you are not a contestant does that mean the gaming industry is not for you?

There are many different streams related to Esports that will help you generate a source of income. Some of them are..

Game Tester

Game Producer

Game Designer

Game Commentator

Tournament Organizer

Audio Engineer

We have tried to cover every possible query in this blog, and last but not least one final tip is that the process of evolving into a gamer is very delightful on its own but don’t get perplexed over a dream so much that you neglect your well-being.

Wellness as in the actual world does not respawn easily like in games. Proper rest and nutrition will ensure your peak performance.
So take good care your health and #GOGAMING.

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Worried of PUBG Mobile Ban? Here are other Top 5 Awesome BattleRoyale Games to choose from

The very idea of banning PUBG Mobile can be preposterous, outrageous, and undoubtedly iniquitous for some users. But here we bring out relief for our user presenting the list of games which have a potential for a long run along with their current ratings.

1) Call of Duty- Mobile

A childhood favorite of many, the mobile version of Call of Duty launched only last October, and since then, the game has been giving serious competition to PUBG Mobile. As per reports, the game saw one of the largest mobile game launches in history, generating over $327 million with 250 million downloads by June 2020.

Just like PUBG Mobile, 100 players jump on to a familiar battlefield with identifiable guns and characters.

4.5/5 – Google Play Store
4.8/5 – App Store
4.5/5 – Facebook

2) Garena Free Fire
Garena Free Fire is quite similar to PUBG MObile but it does bring freshness to the gameplay. The small intricacies of the game make it fun to play. Free Fire is easier to play when compared to games like PUBG Mobile due to easier recoil correction and saves.

4.1/5 – Google Play Store
3.9/5 – App Store
4.5/5 – Facebook

3) Fortnite
The basic structure of FortNight is quite similar to that of PUBG, wherein 100 people jump onto the battlefield simultaneously and the last player standing is announced the winner. There are some dazzling features alongside where each player needs to build some specific structure for strategic play. Fortnite was one of the top-grossing games on the App Store globally inQ2, with player spending rising 110.7 percent Q/Q to $146.5 million.
129 million downloads

4.5/5 – Google Play Store
4.5/5 – Facebook

4) Battlelands Royale
Battlelands Royale is a third-person battle royale shooter, which brings in a larger perspective into the game. It is smaller when compared to other battle royale games in every way possible, from size to the battlefield. 32 players jump off onto a battlefield to battle it out for three to five minutes. The game does have a few latency issues and sometimes feels a bit more aggressive compared to PUBG Mobile.

4/5 – Google Play Store
4.6/5 – App Store
3.8/5 –

5) Black Survival
This game features 20-minute long survival battles wherein 10 players land on a deserted island and fight in order to survive. The island is divided into 22 areas; including Hospital, Forest, Beach et, and as time passes, they turn into Restricted areas, narrowing the battlefield.

4.1/5 – Google Play Store
4.6/5 – App Store
9/10 – Steam

So, worry not gamers. GearUp, create your squad and #GoGaming!

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10 Deadliest Mistakes PUBG Players Should Avoid

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is the famous quote every PUBG player wishes to achieve. But winning yourself a match in PUBG might be a situational thing for many.
This is why here is the list of 10 things that one must avoid while playing PUBG.

1.Landing Location

You must choose wisely which area will be your best landing spot for loots. If you are a beginner then one must avoid hot spots where lots of players come down for loot. Avoiding early fights might save you from getting negative points which in turn affects your rankings in the game.

2. Avoid Taking Risk

You should never make looting your priority against surviving till the last. If you have got yourself good vests, helmet, gun, and scope, focus on winning the game. PUBG is a game of survival, one who survives till the last wins the match.

3.Craze Of Looting Supply Drops

Supply drops make the difference in the game. It gives you good armor and unique guns, which makes you star player of the game. In haste to loot supply drops, players forget that every other player could be eyeing for the prize. So, the best advice is one should wait and check the area. Smoke the supply drop so that nobody catches you off guard and get away as fast as possible.

4. Not Playing Enough Arcade Matches In PUBG

In order to hone your skills one must play Arcade and Arena matches. It not only develops your reflexes in the game but also helps you to try your new accessories and gadgets which you can use while playing PUBG. Playing Arcade matches are a sort of warmup for players before starting a real match.

5. Don’t Find Any Reason To Keep Smoke Grenade

Well, Smoke grenades are your best friend in PUBG, unless you think of otherwise. It helps to revive your teammates while knocked out and also helps you change your position once spotted by enemies. Smokes save you from getting cornered by enemies and help you get away from tough situations.

6. Not Changing Position Once Spotted

 It sure can get deadly once you get spotted and tend to remain in the same position. You need to change location after you have been spotted by your enemies or else you will become a sitting duck or an easy target.

7. Shooting Without Taking Cover

 Engaging fight with your enemies without proper coverage could be the noobest decision you will ever make. It sure can be deadly and you will be getting sent back to the lobby. So better take cover if you decide to take out your enemies.

8. Engaging Into Unnecessary Fights

If you don’t have clear shot at your enemy then shooting at them will probably be your biggest mistake. It will surely give away your position which can be deadly. Always find the right spot and time to pick a fight.

9. Always Keep An Eye On The Map

Maps play a very important role in PUBG. It gives away information like the red zone, blue circles, and footsteps of enemies near you. Also, they show the direction of firings coming from, so that you can get away from the area.

10. Not Listening To Sounds Properly

 Sound in the game plays a key role. If you underestimate it then it can turn out to be your dumbest mistake. Listening carefully and paying attention will help you in locating your enemies if they are moving very quietly.

These are just some ways of not making any mistakes in the game which will help you with your game. If you have just started playing the game, then you should check out more about our guides here.
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Fast Charging Explained

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You might not realize it, but chances are, Fast charging is an increasingly popular feature that allows you to power up your phone in just a fraction of the time it takes to do it the old-fashioned way.  If you’re enjoying the modern era Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S9, LG G7, Moto G6 or iPhone X then it already supports some form of fast charging.

In today’s scenario, Fast charging is a must-have feature within smartphones. It keeps our batteries topped up through busy days in no time. However, there are a variety of different standards from different companies.
Before we explain more, it is important for you to understand that how does a smartphone gets charged

How do smartphones get charged?

Smartphone batteries charge when a current passes through them. Greater current and higher voltages charge batteries faster, but there’s a limit to what they can take. The charge controller (IC) protects against dangerous spikes in current. The controller chip regulates the overall flow of electricity into and out of the battery.

Standard USB 3.0 ports output at a level of 5V/1A for smaller devices like wearables. Most phones and other devices are capable of handling 5V/2.4A. For fast charging, you’re looking at something that bumps the voltage up 5V, 9V, 12V, and beyond, or increases amperage to 3A and above.

Keep in mind, your phone will only take in as much power as its charging circuit is designed for.
So even if you have it plugged into a 5V/3A adapter, if it’s only able to handle 5V/2.4A, that’s the rate at which it will charge. For fast charging to work, you need a phone or other device with a charging circuit capable of using one of the fast charging standards, and an adapter and cable enabled for that same standard.

In a nutshell, fast charging increases the current sent to the battery to fill up its capacity quicker. The basic USB specification only sends 0.5 amps (A) of current using 5 volts (V) for just 2.5 watts (W). Fast charging technologies boost these figures. Huawei’s 10V/4A SuperCharge2.0 produces 40W and Samsung’s 9V/1.7A Adaptive Fast Charging produces 15W of juice. All fast charging services share a common theme — more power.

Types of Fast Charging

Qualcomm Quick Charge

The most common fast-charging standard is Qualcomm’s proprietary Quick Charge because of the widespread nature of the company’s chipsets. It was once the default standard in the smartphone industry, as it popularized fast charging before USB Power Delivery(USB-PD). Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 are the two types of fast charging you’re most likely to see now, with Quick Charge 4+ on the horizon. Each standard is backward compatible with the previous one, so older cables and adapters will still work.

It supports a wide range of phones boast Quick Charge support, including the LG V40, Xiaomi Mi 8, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, HTC U12 Plus, and many more.

Quick Charge 2.0 bumps up the voltage at intervals of 5V, 9V, and 12V. Quick Charge 3.0 can boost the voltage across a broader range, varying dynamically from 3.2V to 20V, though peak power for both standards is 18W.

 Charging Technology



Max Power

Quick Charge 1.0




Quick Charge 2.0




Quick Charge 3.0

3.6V – 20V (200mV increments)



Quick Charge 4.0




Quick Charge 4.0+

5V/9V (USB-PD), 3.6V – 20V (200mV increments)

3A (USB-PD), 2.5A/4.6A

27W (USB-PD)

Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging

Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging isn’t as common as it used to be but works in a similar manner to the above standards by bumping up voltage and/or amperage. As you might imagine, it only works with certain Samsung devices and with compatible adapters that push out 5V/2A for older micro USB phones and 5V/3A or 9V/2A for USB-C, along with compatibility for USB Power Delivery. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (which can charge to 50 percent in 40 minutes) support both Adaptive Fast Charging and Qualcomm Quick Charge, making it easier to find a compatible charger.

Charging Technology



Max Power

Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging




Motorola TurboPower

TurboPower’s thermal management hardware is designed to avoid charging slowdowns due to heat, Motorola says, and to maintain a steady and fast charging rate.

Motorola’s charging standard is compatible with any Quick Charge 2.0 (or newer) adapter. Motorola claims TurboPower  30  can deliver up to 15 hours of battery life in 15 minutes. Motorola’s optimized battery charging algorithm enables turbo charging when your battery is low while maintaining good battery cycle life.

TurboPower Technology



Max Power

TurboPower 15




TurboPower 25




TurboPower 30




One Plus Dash Charge(Fast Charge) and Oppo VOOC

Dash Charge is a new quick-charge technology from OnePlus. It promises to provide 63% of a full charge in just 30 minutes of charging. Dash Charge goes about its business slightly differently to some other quick charging systems. Like Quick Charge 3.0, it produces a larger electrical current (this time 5V/4A for 20W) rather than increasing the pressure, which results in a more stable and consistent charge.

This means that the charging process remains fast whilst you’re using your phone – even if it’s for high-intensity tasks like gaming.

The other advantage to Dash Charge is that it removes the kind of alarming heat build-up we’ve seen before in quick charging standards. One of the ways in which it does this is by moving all the heat management and dissipation process to the charger, rather than leaving it to the phone to handle as other quick charging standards tend to do.

The OPPO VOOC (Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging) Flash Charging system is a proprietary rapid-charge technology created by OPPO Electronics, which, at present, is able to charge certain OPPO devices from 0 to 75% in just 30 minutes.

 Charging Technology



Max Power

Dash Charge




Oppo Vooc




 VOOC is a fast-charging system and in terms of its basic quick charging abilities, it is one of the leaders. It is certainly quick, as shown by the charging times of both the OPPO R7s and the OPPO F1 Plus, two phones which use the VOOC system. However, there is more to VOOC then just charging times. Rather than using 9V or 12V to achieve higher charging rates, it uses 5V but with a higher current. The result is that VOOC compatible devices don’t heat up as much during re-charge. Also, VOOC is probably the only fast charging system on the market that can charge a smartphone at a reasonable rate even when the device is simultaneously being used to watch a movie.

Huawei SuperCharge

SuperCharge, Chinese smartphone maker Huawei’s proprietary charging standard, is built into phones like the HuaweiMate 20 Pro, Mate 9 and the HuaweiP10. It’s is somewhat akin to Quick Charge in that it uses higher-than-average voltages to achieve faster charging, but there’s slightly more to it than meets the eye.

Charging Technology 



Max Power

Huawei SuperCharge