At M/S WEERAA MARKETING LLP, The PRO is implementing a sustainable, cost-effective, and environmentally sound collection and recycling mechanism that is consistent with the industry objectives and in compliance with the E-waste (Management) Rules 2016 we believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that we do business in such a manner that it enriches our environment and planet. That’s why we make sure that we deliver innovative and eco-friendly products to our consumers. We are committed to product stewardship through the life cycle of our electronics, and ensure compliance with E-waste rules in India.

About E-waste

E-waste has been defined as “waste electrical and electronic equipment, whole/in part or rejects from their manufacturing and repair process, which are intended to be discarded.” In other words, E-waste or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment is the term used to describe old, end-of-life or discarded appliances using electricity. With the increase in usage and dependence on electrical and electronic gadgets such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners etc. there has been increase in E-waste generation in large quantities. A UN report estimates that the world wide generation of E-waste is around 30 to 50 Million tons per annum. E-waste generally consists of those substances which are hazardous for environment and can seriously affect the health of the human beings.

Benefit of recycling of E-waste :-

    1. Saves Natural Resources:

    There is a need to encourage recycling of all useful and valuable material from E-waste so as to conserve the ever depleting natural resources. Recycling end-of-life products is vital if we are to save resources and minimize waste.

    2. Reduces Environmental Pollution:

    Scientific disposal of E-waste reduces the environment pollution. Moreover, making products from recycled materials creates less air and water pollution than making products from virgin materials.

    3. Alternate Resource:

    With virgin resources facing rapid depletion, E-waste can be a good alternate resource since it contains many valuable and recoverable materials such as aluminum, copper, gold, silver and ferrous materials.

    Negative consequences of disposal of product in an unscientific manner

    1. Health Risks:

    E-waste-connected health risks may result from direct contact with harmful materials such as lead, cadmium, chromium, brominated flame retardants or polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), from inhalation of toxic fumes, as well as from accumulation of chemicals in soil, water and food.

    2. Children Are Vulnerable:

    Children require more specific protection from E-waste exposure. As they are still growing, their air, water and food intake is more as compared to adults- and with that the risk of hazardous chemical absorption. Moreover, it may cause an irreversible damage to their central nervous system, immune system, reproductive and digestive system.

    3. Environmental Degradation:

    Oil and gases which are present in E-waste such as compressor and CRT causes environmental pollution. Burning of rubber and plastic in open area causes air pollution.

    Accidental breakage/damage of electronics & E-waste :

    Accidental breakage and damage of electronics and E-waste can pose a threat to the environment. As long as the toxic components in electronics are enclosed within the original manufacturer’s designed outer-shell of the gadget, they don’t pose much of a danger as they have been engineered to contain any such effects. However, accidental breakage or damage of such electronics or E-waste can lead to toxic elements leaking and contaminating their immediate environment. Damage to the environment due to accidental breakage of E-waste is a major concern in informal E-waste disposal and recycling facilities, so consumers need to ensure that they dispose their E-waste only at authorized E-waste recycler.

    Brief about E-waste (Management) rules 2016

    The E-waste (Management) Rules, 2016 have been notified with primary objective to channelize the E-waste generated in the country for environmentally sound recycling which is largely controlled by the un-organized sector who are adopting crude practices that results into higher pollution and less recovery, thereby causing wastages of precious resources and damage to environment.

Guidelines for customers on the disposal of end-of-life products :-

Collection Methods

Own Collection Center

As required by the regulatory bodies, the Croissance PRO shall establish collection centers to drive own collection. Own collection centers will be one source of achieving the required overall volumes. Collection centers will be either fully owned by the PRO or will be outsourced to PRO partners. Collection centers will be secured with metal detectors, CCTV cameras and equipped with collection containers. There will be a registration desk where a collector accepts and registers the equipment into the IT system. All staff will wear safety equipment including helmets, safety shoes, gloves, goggles .The collection and operations staff will be trained and the collection centers will adhere to Environmental Health and Safety Management Standards (EHSMS) standards. Each collection centers will have its own management team, recruited collectors, security and helpers to store and manage the collected e-waste. Collectors will own vehicles, bikes and tricycles to support collection. Collection centers will aim at integrating low skilled labor into the formal e-waste collection. The PRO will cooperate with experts in the area to create the most effective incentives to integrate the informal channel into the overall collection process

Bulk customer Pickup

The Croissance PRO will operate a system for managing pickups from Bulky customers as defined in E-waste (Management) Rules 2016. The PRO will approach bulky customers proactively in order to encourage them to shift their used products into the PRO network. It is assumed; initially the PRO will have to purchase this material. There will be a web form and a toll-free number set up to facilitate the management of the collection pickup requests and once confirmed, the PRO will dispatch the pickup request to the optimal service provider (depending on their capabilities, coverage, quality and price) to be actioned.

How to drop off products at our collection point?
Here are the steps you need to follow when dropping off your electronics item at our Collection Point:
1. Pack the electronics item in light packaging, so that the device is secured inside safely.
2. Identify the Collection Point in your state through customer care.
3. Take the packaged product to the Collection point.
4. At the Collection Point, you will be provided with a form. Please fill in the necessary details.
5. Now submit the product package along with the filled up form at the Collection Point.

This way, the appliance recycling organized by Croissance PRO and E-Waste Management Pvt. Ltd.- will be done under best possible conditions, in compliance with E-waste Management and Handling Rules on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. We thank you for fulfilling your responsibility towards environment.

Croissance PRO and E-Waste Management Pvt. Ltd.- As part of this partnership with Croissance PRO and E-Waste Management Pvt. Ltd.- the company will ensure environmentally sound management of electronics that have reached their end of life phase. Croissance PRO and E-Waste Management Pvt. Ltd.- has obtained all the necessary authorizations from the appropriate governmental agencies for their processing facilities. Croissance PRO and E-Waste Management Pvt. Ltd.- ensures proper recycling and disposal of e-waste. This helps us protect the environment from any hazardous consequences, which would be otherwise caused by the inappropriate waste management of e-waste.

Do’s :-

  • Always look for information on the catalogue with your product for end-of-life equipment handling.
  • Ensure that only Authorized Recyclers repair and handle your electronic products.
  • Always call our E-waste Authorized Collection Centres/points to dispose products that have reached end-of life.
  • Always drop your used electronic products, batteries or any accessories when they reach the end of their life at your nearest Authorized E-Waste Collection Centres/Points.
  • Always disconnect the battery from product, and ensure any glass surface is protected against breakage.

Don’ts :-

  • Do not dismantle your electronic Products on your own.
  • Do not throw electronics in bins having “Do not Dispose” sign.
  • Do not give e-waste to informal (Kabbadi) and unorganized sectors like Local Scrap Dealer/ Rag Pickers.
  • Do not dispose your product in garbage bins along with municipal waste that ultimately reaches landfills.

Below is the Croissance PRO and E-Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. Collection Center List

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