SpinBot BattleMods X2 Gaming Grip and Trigger Combo for PUBG/ Free Fire/BGMI/COD,etc.

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  • Supports Smartphones with a length of up to 160mm only.

  • Capacitive Conduction Technology Triggers.

  • Works with both Android and iOS Smartphones.

  • No Bluetooth connection or Battery is required.

  • 120 Days Warranty.

Since BattleMods X2 is a hardware peripheral and doesn’t require any button mapping, the game won't detect you as an emulator player, thus there's no risk at all of your accounts being banned.

Open the Grip handle and Stretch it to the size of your phone, put the triggers on top of your device and you are ready to go!

Spinbot Battlemods X2 gaming trigger

Rubber padding to fix and protect your phone from sliding and scratching.

Conductive trigger for Bgmi

The Grip Handle is hollowed from sides which allows gamers to plug in earphones and charge their smartphones while playing. No more losing power in the midst of the battle!

gaming Trigger for call of duty

Triggers use Innovative Capacitive Conduction technology. It takes no time to respond and thus keep you ahead in the competition.

BattleMods gaming triggers offers mouse-like sensitive clicks with high precision, letting you increase your game score without a lag.

Collapsible Grip design which is easy to carry along in your pocket or bag.

Spinbot Battlemods X2 with pack

-SpinBot BattleMods X2 GamingGrip
-SpinBot BattleMods X2 Conductive Triggers 1 Pair
-User Manual

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