Warranty Policy

We believe in the quality of our products but we care about the experience of our customers more.
If any of the products you’ve purchased from SpinBot fails to function as promised, please contact us to get the quickest resolution.
We won’t rest until we resolve your issue.

Before everything, there’s something you should know.

What’s 1-Year Warranty?

-SpinBot provides a 1-Year* Warranty from the date of purchase for all SpinBot® products sold by seller SpinBot on Amazon/Flipkart/SpinBot website(www.spinbot.co.in).
*SpinBot BattleMods Conductive Triggers are covered under 90 days warranty.

-SpinBot warrants these products against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of 1 Year, as applicable, from the date of purchase.

-If a valid claim is made during the applicable period, SpinBot, at its option, will either.

  1. Replace the product
  2. Exchange the product with a product of equal value
  3. Refund the order on Pro Rata basis.

-A replacement product assumes the remaining warranty of the original product.

What does the Warranty cover?

  • All SpinBot products sold by Seller “SpinBot” on Amazon.in/ Flipkart.com / spinbot.co.in

Warranty Exclusions & Limitation?

  • Though we care about the happiness of our customers, the following cases WILL NOT be covered by our Warranty:
    1. Products purchased from unauthorized resellers;
    2. Purchases without valid proof of purchase;
    3. Any defects or damages caused by unreasonable use, abuse, exposure to excessive heat, liquids or other external causes;
    4. Lost or stolen products;
    5. A product that has been refunded

What’s a valid proof of purchase?

  • Acceptable proof of purchase is an accurate Amazon/Flipkart/SpinBot Order Number and matching email address when you placed that order. A screen capture of your Amazon/Flipkart/SpinBot order summary is also valid. The important information that needs to be included are as follows:
    1. Product Purchased
    2. Date
    3. Seller
    4. Order Number

Why you require proof of purchase?

  • We require a valid proof of purchase to ensure that the SpinBot product was purchased directly from Amazon/Flipkart Seller “SpinBot”. If you purchased directly from us, we may be able to locate your order in our system. SpinBot cannot guarantee any type of warranty or support on products acquired through unauthorized channels.

How do I make a Warranty Claim?

  • To make a warranty claim for defective products, please Click Here and submit the form with required details. Our representative will contact you within 24 hours for resolution.

How do I contact You Directly?

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please message us on Whatsapp @ 9953088835.

    Hope you enjoy every purchase with SpinBot.