How to Choose the Best Gaming Mousepad for you in 2022

How to Choose the Best Gaming Mousepad for you in 2022

There are many factors you should consider while buying the right gaming mousepad for you. To decide the right gaming mousepad you should first decide the Material (Soft or Hard), Size (Normal or Extended), Surface(Speed or Control), and Thickness ( Slim or Thick) of the ideal mousepad you are looking for.

Choosing the correct mousepad, like any other gaming gadget, is dependent on the games you play, as different games require different levels of sensitivity and speed, resulting in different mousepads for different games and gameplay styles.

This guide will help you find the right gaming mousepad for you to enjoy hassle-free, sweat-free, and friction-free gaming.

Soft vs. Hard Mousepad

Soft Mousepads

The cloth mouse pads, also known as soft mouse pads, are made of woven fabric and have a spongy base. Their cloth material provides a cushion underneath the mouse, allowing you to rest your wrists comfortably.

The second advantage of soft mousepads is their ability to be folded, making them easier to transport.

The smoother the mouse pad, the more precise it is, because you can glide the mouse with more friction and therefore have better control.

It works best for FPS games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Apex Legends where you need more control over your crosshairs and movement. Additionally, a cloth surface reduces noise compared to a hard one as the mouse slides across it.

Hard Mousepads

Hard mousepads are great for fast-paced gaming where speed rather than control is a priority. Hard mouse pads allow smooth movement and less friction because they are made out of solid materials such as plastic and light aluminum.

Because these mouse pads are made of lightweight aluminum and plastic, they provide a smooth and friction-free experience.

In case it gets wet. You can simply wash it with a wet cloth and give it a few minutes to dry.

Hard mousepads are water-resistant, so if the game makes you sweat, the mousepad will handle the moist and provide you with a sweat-free gaming experience.

Furthermore, hard mouse pads work well with both optical and laser gaming mice, unlike soft mouse pads which create problems while using laser gaming mice because of their fabric.

Slim vs. Thick Mousepad

Slim Mousepads

A mouse pad with a 2mm thickness is usually more flexible and can be shaped to take the shape of whatever surface it is placed upon.

A thin mousepad is not ideal for an uneven desk with contours and deeps on its surface, Because a  thin mouse pad will bend and fold to fit the surface of the desk, resulting in an uneven gaming surface.

Slim mousepads are lightweight, and because of this they usually move with the mouse when you drag it. Whereas standard and heavy base mousepads are comparatively heavy and rigid and won't move with your mouse when you drag it.

Thick Mousepads

They are preferred by most gamers because they stick with the surface and won't travel much around the desk when you are doing all the fast-paced action in your game.

The base of heavy base mouse pads is extremely thick. The rigidity of these pads ensures they always keep a uniform, flat surface, regardless of how uneven your desk is.

These are made of cloth and provide a very thick cushion that is very comfortable for resting your wrists on for an extended period.

Speed vs. Control Type


When it comes to choosing an Ideal mousepad, there is an external factor that plays an important role.

You need to ask yourself what is your priority in the game; Speed or Control?

A smooth surface resistance-free mousepad is perfect for games that require high-speed actions and frequent dragging.

For fast paced games, nothing better than a hard mousepad with no friction, just flawless dragging !


If precise aiming and flawless control are what you are looking for then you need the feature of friction and resistance in your mousepad.

Hard mousepads with textured surface provide you  smart resistance for better control and precise aiming.

For shooter games like Valorant and COD, you need to prioritise control over speed.

Because it doesn't matter how fast you are, you will keep underperforming if you lack control over your cursor or aim.

Normal vs. Extended Size Mousepad 

How Big Should A Gaming Mouse Pad Be?

Normal Size Mousepad

Normal size mousepads work perfectly for gamers with a high DPI . If you don't know what high DPI means, it means that when you move your mouse a short distance, the mouse cursor on your screen moves a long distance.

If you are an esports player and there is a chance of you attending LAN events, consider buying a small size mousepad because it  is portable and you can carry it even in your pocket a

Another advantage of a small gaming mouse pad is that it is small enough to fit on top of almost any gaming desk.

Large and Extra-large

Most gamers prefer Large mousepads because of their versatility.

The main feature is certainly the space it provides. The edges will not restrict you to make large mouse glides and because of the large size, you can adopt any grip style from claw to palm mouse grip.

Most of the FPS shooter games require precise aim and sensitivity and most gamers use low sensitivity or DPI  because it works best to get flawless control. Large mousepads are ideal for players with Low DPI obviously because low DPI requires larger space to make the longer glides.

The Ideal Mousepad

If your gaming desk has enough space to accommodate a large or extra-large mousepad go for a thick and large size mousepad.

They're perfect for both low and high sensitivity as well as it provides you more space for drags and is water-resistant.

Additionally, they come with a trending design so they can resonate with your gaming setup as well.

It's a matter of your personal preference, the padded or soft cloth mouse pad has its own benefits as well.

In case you have decided to go for a thick mousepad, make sure you check out India's First 5mm thick mousepad, the SpinBot Armor Black Pro Gaming Mousepad.

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