SpinBot IceDot Neo Semiconductor Technology Mobile Phone Cooler for Instant Cooling- Android and iPhones Compatible- (Black)

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  • Instant Cooling- It's a semi-conductor based cooling fan for mobile that instantly cools down the temperature of your smartphone.

  • Light weight (66g) | Silent Operation | Small size

  • Fits smartphones of width 65-90mm; compatible with both Android and iPhones.

  • Temperature Display | Gaming RGB Lightning effect.

  • Inside the box: Mobile Cooler + Type-C Power Cable+ User Manual

Does it have a battery inside?

No, it does not have battery inside .You need to connect it with a power source(wall charger, power bank) via Type-C cable for it to operate.

Can I use it with Tablets as well?

No, it's designed only for smartphone and would not fit the tablets.

Can I use it with mobile back cover?

For best efficiency it's recommended to remove the back cover of smartphone.Back covers prevents heat dissipation process which defeats the entire purpose of cooling down phone's temperature.

Type Semi-conductor based
Working Current 2 Amp
Working Voltage 5V
Product Size 8.3x5.3x4cm
Product Weight 66g
Colour Black & Green
Smartphones width supported 65-90mm
Compatibility Smartphones only
Warranty 6 months

Introducing the SpinBot Icedot Neo, the ultimate mobile gaming cooler designed to enhance your gaming experience wherever you go. Icedot Neo ensures your smartphone stays cool even during intense gaming sessions.

The SpinBot Icedot Neo features a high-performance cooling fan that effectively dissipates heat, preventing overheating and maintaining optimal performance.

The real-time temperature display provides instant feedback on your smartphone’s temperature.

IceDot Neo Mobile Cooler works on the concept of
Petlier effect that blows out the heat from one end and cools down the other end when an electrical current is passed through a junction of two conducters.
After usage of 30 mins the temperature of your smartphone can be dropped by up to 25 degrees.

The SpinBot IceDot Neo is designed for silent operations, maintaining a low noise level of 25 (dB). This is comparable to the sound of a whisper, ensuring that your gaming environment remains undisturbed by cooler noise