SpinBot BattleBudz C10 Type-C Wired Gaming Earphone with Detachable Boom Mic

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  • Dual Microphone- Communicate with clarity, C10 comes with dual mics, an in-line mic and a detachable mic. When the detachable mic is removed the in-line mic becomes active

  • Feel the action with Powerful 10mm Gaming drivers to hear every footstep and gunshot clearly.

  • Type-C Connectivity- Compatible with most Smartphones, Laptops/MacBooks, and iPads with Type-C port.

  • Dedicated Mic-Mute switch

  • The built-in silicone hooks provide optimal comfort for extended use, ideal for gaming marathons.

Mic Dimensions




Mic Impedance


Driver Diameter



100dB + / -3dB

Frequency Response


20Hz - 20KHz

Cord Length


1.2 meters


USB Type-C

Net Weight


Introducing our cutting-edge BattleBudz C10 Type-C gaming earphones, engineered for unparalleled gaming immersion. Equipped with a detachable boom mic, communication is crystal clear, ensuring seamless coordination in the heat of battle.

Hear every footstep and gunshot loud and clear. Optimized audio for BattleRoyale games.

With advanced 10mm gaming drivers, every sound detail is heightened, delivering an immersive audio experience.

These earphones boast ergonomic design,providing comfort for extended gaming sessions.

The Type-C connection ensures swift compatibility with a variety of devices, enhancing versatility.

Interact with other players using
the included microphone. You can adjust it to suit your needs or remove it altogether.

These earphones are also great for talking on the phone or participating in video calls.

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