SpinBot IceDot Semiconductor Mobile Phone Cooler for Gaming
Spinbot semiconducter based mobile cooler
Spinbot instant cooling mobile cooler
Spinbot mobile cooler/fan for pubg, Bgmi, COD, freefire
Spinbot Mobile cooler with RGB light
SpinBot IceDot Semiconductor Mobile Phone Cooler for Gaming

SpinBot IceDot Semiconductor Mobile Phone Cooler for Gaming

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  • Instant Cooling with Semi-conductor based Technology

  • Lightweight (57g) and Silent Operation 

  • Fits smartphones of width 65-84mm

  • Dazzling RGB Lightning effect.

Does it have a battery inside?

No, it does not have battery inside .You need to connect it with a power source(wall charger, power bank) via Type-C cable for it to operate.

Can I use it with Tablets as well?

No, it's designed only for smartphone and would not fit the tablets.

Can I use it with mobile back cover?

For best efficiency it's recommended to remove the back cover of smartphone.Back covers prevents heat dissipation process which defeats the entire purpose of cooling down phone's temperature.

Type Semi-conductor based
Working Current 2 Amp
Working Voltage 5V
Product Size 76x51.5x39.8mm
Product Weight 57g
Colour Black
Smartphones width supported 65-84mm
Compatibility Smartphones only
Warranty 6 months
Spinbot Mobile cooler with RGB lights

It instantly drops the temperature of your smartphone and keeps it cool.
It’s high speed 7 blade fans work with silent operation and is lightweighted with just 57g.

SpinBot Icedot

Say NO to over-heating

During long sessions of graphic-intense gaming
your smartphone temperature can rise up to 45-50 degree C.

Over-heating is bad for your smartphones, its reduces your smartphones performance, drains battery faster, degrades the CPU performance and thus offers lag while gaming.

Spinbot Icedot  cooler with type C power cable


IceDot Mobile Cooler works on the concept of
Petlier effect that blows out the heat from one end and cools down the other end when an electrical current is passed through a junction of two conducters.

After usage of 30 mins the temperature of your smartphone can be dropped by up to 25 degrees.

Spinbot Instant cooling mobile cooler

Wider Cooling Surface Area

IceDot Mobile Cooler has a bigger and wider cooling surface area as compared to other traditional coolers available in market.

With wider cooling area your phone gets cooled overall and not just to a fix spot.

Spinbot icedot cooler

Gaming or Streaming, Your Choice

Use it for gaming or fix it on your tripod for long hours of streaming. The choice is all yours.

Spinbot semi-conductor base mobile cooler

Premium Built Design

Built of premium high grade ABS plastic and a cooling surface of metal.


- Mobile Cooler
- Braided Type-C Power Cable
- Carry Box
- User Manual

Important Note

-When the weather is humid, there will be condensed water droplets on the cooling surface of the cooler. You are advised to wipe these with a cloth after regular intervals.

-It is strictly advised not to obstruct the fan behind the ventilation grid. This might result in the burning of the fan or a drop in cooling efficiency.

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