SpinBot BattleMods F1 Conductive Gaming Trigger for PUBG/ Free Fire/BGMI/COD,etc.

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  • Stretchable Design: Adjust it as per your gaming style and comfort.

  • Capacitive Conduction Technology

  • Fits smartphones with thickness up to 13mm

  • Zero-Lag tactile feedback response

  • 6 months warranty.

Does it requires Bluetooth Connection to work?

No, It’s a simple clip and play installation and does not require Bluetooth connection.

Can my BGMI/FreeFire/CODM account get banned if I use these triggers?

No, your account will be 100% and no issue of banning.

Do we need to remove tempered glass for using these triggers?

No, since they work on Capacitive Conduction Technology, there is no need to remove tempered glass on smartphones.

Can it be used without removing the smartphone back cover?

Yes, it can we used with thick back covers,

Stretch Design

The right side of the trigger can be stretched to adjust as per the need of your gaming style.

One-Clip Grip

With it's innovative one-clip grip, its super easy to install it. It fits all smartphones of thickness up to 13mm in width.

No accidental key press while Gaming

BattleMods F1 has a groove design that prevents any accidental press of power/volume key press during gaming sessions.

Android / iOS compatible

works with all android and iOS compatible smartphones.


Due to the high touch sensitivity of some mobile phone displays, auto touch may occur during the use of the triggers.

Turn the screen off and back on again if you face auto-firing issue.