SpinBot BattleMods X1+ Gaming Finger Sleeves Combo

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- Combo of X1 Conductive Gaming Triggers for PUBG/FreeFire/COD + One pack of Anti- Sweat Gaming Finger Sleeves

- Save up to 20% with SpinBot Combo Deals.

It is a simple stylus and is made of Aluminum,ready to use just like a ballpoint pen, no necessary to set-up with your devices, and the weight is just good enough to feel the high quality

Dual Tip Design

Two different Types of tip at two ends- Transparent Disc Nib makes you can see through for details purpose, feel like just you are using a ballpoint pen,but it wont scratch the surface ; Fiber Tip are soft and smooth , just like your fingertips .

Magnetic Pen Cap

Both ends of the pen are magnetic to prevent loss of the pen cap.

It's so simple!

No Battery
No Bluetooth
No Switch
Just take it out and be creative..

Compatiable with all touch screen devices, as long as your applications are able to induce your fingers , it will be compatible with this stylus as well.

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