BattleMods X1 Conductive Gaming Trigger

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  • Innovative capacitive conduction technology that simulates human hand touch by sending a capacitive signal for a zero-lag instant response.

  • Built of robust ABS material and premium nickel-plated alloy buttons that pass the 1million press test, ensuring extended durability.

  • Mouse-like mechanical clicks, restoring the PC like game experience on smartphones.

  • Easy to Install and Play, works with all Android smartphones and iPhones. Support most FPS games like BGMI /FreeFire/Call of Duty mobile/etc.

  • 90 Days Replacement Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Model BM-X1
Compatibility All Android/iOS smartphones
Type Capacitive Conduction
Material ABS + Nickel Alloy
Product Size about 43x35x20mm
Colour Available in Black and Blue
Warranty 90 Days

Simply take out the pair from the box, customize controls setting on a smartphone (only once) and plug it to experience next-level gaming.

No Bluetooth connection or App installation is required.

Built with the highest-grade ABS material and Nickel Plated Alloy to offer premium looks along with durability.

BattleMods X1 gaming triggers use an Innovative Capacitive Conduction technology. It takes no time to respond and thus keep you ahead in the competition.

BattleMods X1 gaming triggers offer mouse-like sensitive clicks with high precision, letting you increase your game score without a lag.

With 4 finger claw controls, you will be able to wipe out the whole squad as it is much more efficient for faster movements and shooting.

Small size that prevents any screen blockage and gives an unobstructed view of the map.

Movable eccentric clamp for a solid hold on your smartphone.

-Conductive Gaming Triggers (1 Pair)
-Bigger size clamps (1 pair)
-User Guide

Tutorial: How to use big size clamps

Play like a Pro!

with 4 finger claw control