Benefits of Mobile Cooler in gaming

Benefits of Mobile Cooler in gaming
We as a gamer deal with plenty of daunting challenges. These problems not only impact
the gaming experience but are also frustrating on a personal level.
Some of them are so frustrating that most gamers prefer avoiding games that require
high FPS.
Games with high frame rates, such as BGMI, FreeFire, and COD consume more power
and require more actions than games with a lower frame rate.
Because of this, the processor needs to put in a lot of work to execute multiple actions at
once resulting in overheating, lags, frame drops, and sometimes game crash.
That’s a big problem, right?
Well, not anymore if you have a mobile cooler,
Mobile cooler not only provides a better gaming experience but also benefits your device
in different ways.
Here are the top benefits of using a Mobile cooler while gaming.

Reduce frame drops and Lagging

Have you ever noticed the sudden dip in the frame rate after a few minutes into the game?

These frame drops are after-effects of heating and it reduces the device performance ultimately resulting in a bad gaming experience.

Now, you might think this only happens with low-end devices and you can easily get rid of it by buying an expensive high-end device but the reality is slightly different and extremely disappointing.

The issue is not with the device and even the gamers with high-end devices experience the same lag and frame drops from time to time.

Mobile coolers feature quick cooling technology that reduces the heating by lowering the temperature.

Mobile coolers like SpinBot’s IceDot feature instant cooling that not only reduces the temperature in no time but also maintains the ideal temperature throughout your gaming session for a smooth and lag-free gaming experience.

You take care of the drop with overpowered guns and let the mobile cooler take care of the other drop.

Extend the lifespan of the phone and battery

A long period of gaming can be an exhausting task, even for your device too.
As you already know gaming consumes too much power and it drains the battery faster than usual.

Mobile coolers maintain the ideal temperature of the phone so it can perform efficiently and keep the battery drain as low as possible.

Not only that, using a mobile cooler regularly adds an extra layer of safety for the battery and the device.

Here is one more;

When you use a mobile cooler like SpinBot’s IceDot, you won't break your device in frustration, which you might do when you lose the 1 v 4 fight because of the frame drop.

This can be a joke to one but the reality for many, with that being said let’s move on to the next benefit.

Reduce Heating

It is very common among gamers to encounter the issue of heating while playing online multiplayer Battleground games.

You are not the only one who is experiencing it, it is a problem every gamer face
irrespective of what kind of game they play and what kind of device they use.
Heating is the ghost that haunts every gamer from a casual gamer to a professional esports player.

While you are gaming, your phone is consuming power to perform different actions like display, brightness, audio output, video output, processing, internet, microphone all at one time which take the battery consumption of your phone at its peak.

Because of high power consumption and high burden on devices, the battery drains faster and its device produces heat.

Most of the professional gamers prefer a portable cooler to deal with the heating issue, which can cool down the device to some extent or some degree but it's not a dedicated solution to the problem and it's not effective as well as it’s too noisy.

 Lightweight and Convenient

As mentioned earlier, gamers use portable coolers as a conventional method to reduce heating, while it’s not as effective as a mobile cooler. also, the portable part of those coolers doesn't comply when you are using it for your phone.

Mobile coolers are lightweight, convenient, and way more effective. They are so handy that you can carry them even in your pocket.

So, If you are planning a gaming night at your friend's place, mobile coolers are the real deal for you and the perfect solution for a top-notch gaming experience.

 Enhance the device performance

A mobile cooler provides an optimal condition for the device to operate seamlessly by minimizing heat and lowering battery drain.

A mobile cooler decreases the burden on the device's hardware by keeping the
temperature low, allowing it to reach its maximum capacity.

Despite the fact that it does not provide any additional features, it ensures that your device performs at its best.


While these issues are really intimidating, mobile coolers proved to be the only and the perfect solution for this.

They are portable, efficient, and extremely effective as well as affordable. It is a must have gaming gadget and why not if it helps you get rid of the excessive heating, lag and extremely frustrating frame drops all at once.

Despite there being limited options available in the market some of them still fail to address the core issue, It may reduce the heating but they produce noise, as well as many of them, don't feature instant cooling technology.

However, you can compare different mobile coolers to find the best for you, you can also checkout SpinBot’s IceDot mobile cooler with instant cooling technology and zero operation noise.

If you have any suggestions or any questions in your mind, feel free to post them in the
comment section.


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