FAQ's - Active Pencil A8

Does SpinBot Active Pencil have auto turn off function?

Yes! it will auto turn off in 5 minutes of inactivity. DOULBE TAP the top of the pen to turn it on or off!

My iPad is compatible with SpinBot Active Pencil, why doesn't it seem to work?

Before first use of SpinBot Active Pencil, please charge it for 10 minutes and confirm the settings are right.
1. iOS system is updated to iOS 12.2 or above.
2. Disconnect Apple Pencil and other pens.
Settings > Bluetooth > Find “Apple Pencil” to Forget This Device.

Can this pencil pull down control center?

NO.No active pencils including the original iPencil can pull the control center down, notification bar down or swipe up between apps.

Does this have pressure sensitivity?

NO. No 3rd party pencils have pressure sensitivity. But this will not impact it's ability to write or draw. Apps like Procreate can imitate pressure sensitivity with their own brush effects and customizable brush size, flow capacity and etc.