FAQ's - BattleBudz H1

Can I use it with my Laptop or Desktop?

Yes, it's compatible with both laptops and desktops having a 3.5mm audio jack.
For few laptops and desktops that have a separate mic and audio port, you need to purchase the Y-type ( 2 to 1) splitter separately for it to use.

Can I use it with my Smartphones?

Yes, it's compatible with all smartphones having a 3.5mm audio jack.
Please note the RGB lights wont work with smartphones.

What is the use of USB-A port?

USB-A port is provided to power up the RGB lights.
When connected to PC plug the USB-A Plug to any available USB port for lights to work.

Is the RGB lights running type and can it be customised through software?

No, the RGB lights are fixed and cannot be customised.

Can I use it for Zoom or Skype Calls?

Yes. it can be used for zoom and Skype meetings.