BattleMods T10 Electric Tablet/iPad Gaming Trigger

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  • Designed only for Tablets/iPads.

  • Innovative Capacitive Conduction Technology.

  • Turns semi-automatic guns like MIni14, SKS, QBU into an automatic weapons.

  • 4 Gear Burst Mode (10/12/16/20 shots/second).

  • Adjustable Ergonomic Grip. Fits even with a back-cover.

How to Install

- Open the buckle on the back of the triggers. Put the Tablet/iPad in the triggers and then push the buckle back to its original position.

- Use the fixing nut to adjust the contact between the tablet screen and trigger conductive rubber as per your need.


- While charging: LED Status is Red.

- Charging Complete: LED Status is Green.

Note: Only the left side trigger requires charging.

Power ON & OFF

- Power ON- Long-press the power button on the left side trigger for 3 seconds to turn ON the power (Blue LED turns ON).

Power OFF- Long-press the power button for 2 seconds to turn OFF the power (Blue LED turns OFF)

Mode Switching ( Single Fire ⇋ Burst Mode)

Press the Power/Gear Switch button to switch between single fire shooting mode and switch to burst mode (continuous firing)

Single Fire Mode: LED light is fixed blue.
Burst Mode: LED light is flashing/blinking blue.

Switch Gears in Burst Mode

In Burst mode hold down the trigger button+short press the power /gear button.

There are 4 gears -8/16/24/32 shots per second (the faster the flashing speed of blue LED, the higher the frequency of gear.